DDD = Decentralized Database for Dating

Investing in DDD is a fantastic investment opportunity that we think you should explore. The online dating market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has made plenty of successful company’s overnight successes. However, the industry is still plagued with security & fraud concerns that dating companies haven’t been vigilant enough in solving. LoveBlock sees the great potential in solving these concerns and making online dating a safe, scam free experience in a way that no other company has successfully done before.

Many new ICO’s come from companies, that while ambitious in spirit, are still struggling to develop a real use case and often don’t have their market pegged down. LoveBlock does not suffer from these hurdles. In fact, we already have both a real use case for our coins and a customer base of over 2 million users from our recent partnership with Luxy. Luxy has been getting new members every day, many of which are already crypto investors and would likely be open to purchasing DDD, especially when it can give them a discount on their in-store purchases. Moreover, we are receiving lots of interest from other companies that are considering joining the LoveBlock team as D-Apps.

DDD also has great token dynamics. We have built in a number of protections to protect and grow the coin, such as our token burn system. This system will burn 25% of tokens that have already been spent, thus reducing the total amount of DDD in circulation. With more users using DDD in conjunction with our token burn system we will have more demand and less supply; likely resulting in a nice and steady raise of price.

We are truly excited by our DDD token and encourage you to check out our whitepaper to learn more about the details and economics behind it. Our DDD token already has value and will be coming to popular exchanges very soon.



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