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Briefly tell us about your background

I grew up in North Carolina (USA) and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, home of Michael Jordan and the best college basketball program in the world. After college moved to New York to pursue a career in marketing. Since then I’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience in marketing, partnerships, and social & digital media working with large brands in technology, sports, entertainment and consumer packaged goods at organizations such as Snapchat and Mars Wrigley Confectionery. Some of the campaigns and projects I’ve worked on include the Super Bowl, Rio Olympics, White House initiatives and the development and evolution of the Snapchat Story feature.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

What is exactly a logical background for marketing blockchain applications? My experience working in technology at one of the top social platforms allows me to identify what users need from a platform but blockchains have the ability to touche every industry and every person. Having experience in many different fields has prepared me to bring many facets of everyone’s life off of the blockchain, into the blockchain. And the contacts that I’ve made over the years are priceless.

How are you working with ClearPoll?

I’m helping bring ClearPoll to market with marketing, partnerships and integration into our everyday life through many different sectors. I will help bring people and brands to the platform who have a voice meant to change the world.

Why did you get involved with ClearPoll?

We’re often misinformed by the media or manipulated by a centralized system of voting and polling. I believe everyone’s opinions should be heard and taken into consideration no matter who they are and how they look, and with ClearPoll that’s possible. Also, I was invested in ClearPoll before joining the team so that gives we extra incentive to grow this to it’s full potential.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

ClearPoll allows every REAL voice to be heard and I believe it can change the future of voting and polling at a large level, like integration into government and politics. In addition to the social activism component, there is extremely important data that can be collected about our society, habits, likes and dislikes. There is no better tool for ACCURATE market research.

How can people find out more about ClearPoll + you & your work?

Go to for an overview of ClearPoll, and chat in our active Telegram channel: To learn more about me and my work, check out BlockConnect  a blockchain marketing and consulting agency which connects the power of blockchain with the power of people.

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