Update from BullToken

We would like to inform you about a new development that we believe will greatly benefit the interests of all our investors and the longevity of the project! 

As many investors have already pointed out to the team, the current crowdsale has not raised as significant amount as many would have hoped to see, and as a result the Community Assets Under Management may not be large enough.  

With the assistance of our new ICO Advisors, the Blockchain Advisory Council (BAC), BullToken has recently received increasing awareness among institutional and other large investors. 

We are now presented with an opportunity to significantly increase the size of the BullToken Assets Under Management fund, which is an immense benefit for everyone invested in BullToken. 

What is the Assets Under Management (AUM)?  

The AUM is the BullToken Community’s “investment pool”. When BullToken makes an investment in a future blockchain project, the funds we use to invest in that project come from our Community AUM.  

How does having a large AUM benefit me as an investor? 

The benefits of having a substantial AUM effect every single investor involved.  

  • Leverage: It allows BullToken to negotiate better bonuses/discounts for all of our investors. 
  • Minimized Risk: It allows BullToken to invest in a higher number of blockchain projects, greatly distributing risk exposure. 
  • Increased ROI: Combining increased leverage during negotiations with minimizing our overall risk, we greatly increase expectations of Return On Investment (ROI) for you as an investor. 
  • Token Value: The valuation of a fund is a direct multiplier of its AUM and we believe that increasing our AUM will have a positive impact on the valuation of tokens. 

 Team BullToken’s Proposal

First and foremost, this is an announcement for a proposal, not a mandated change by the team.  

BullToken will be holding a Community-Vote shortly after the conclusion of the current crowdsale to determine if these proposed changes will take effect or not.  

The purpose of this announcement is to inform all investors of the effects of reaching a “yes-consensus” and the reasons why BullToken has chosen to proceed with a vote.  

The Vote (Yes or No)

Should BullToken hold a private-sale to accommodate the recent increasing interest from institutional and other large investors, in turn increasing the size of our Community AUM?  

The Effects of a “YES-consensus”

BullToken has stated previously that we would not be holding any private-sales and that all unsold tokens will be burned at the conclusion of the current crowdsale.  

Listed below are the direct effects of holding a private-sale after the conclusion of the current crowdsale: 

  • The current “main-sale” will change to “pre-sale 2”. 
  • All “pre-sale 2” investors will automatically be given a 40% token bonus for total contributions made between the dates of April 3, 2018 through May 19, 2018 (23:59 UTC). 
  • Because this was not a part of our initial plans and to be fair to all, any “pre-sale 2” investor who wishes a refund can get a refund following the conclusion of the current crowdsale.  
  • A new main-sale will be held at a later date (not yet determined). 
  • The burning of unsold tokens will be delayed until after all sales are completed. 

Why Has BullToken Decided to Organize a Community Vote?

BullToken is and always will be a PEOPLE-driven investment community. Our core concepts revolve around transparency and accountability. 

This is a new development in which we wish to take full advantage of, and although it is highly agreed upon that a larger AUM benefits all investors, Team BullToken would still like to include all investors in this decision-making process. 

Moving Forward

BullToken will be holding a Community-Vote roughly one week after the conclusion of the current main-sale, and we invite all investors to take part. 

Further details regarding the execution of the vote will be released in the coming days.  

If you have any questions regarding the automatic 40% bonus, refunds, the Community-Vote, or its effects on the current roadmap, please feel free to contact us at any one of our many social media channels. 

Thank you, and we look forward to reaching our first community consensus together! 

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