DoYeop Kim has already had the type of career most people struggle to create in fifty years let alone the short 8 years he has been working with the UN. Born in South Korea he began his career with the domestic presidential security service, moving to the United Nations when Mr Ban assumed the position of UN Secretary General. While there DoYeop had a range of challenging roles including being assigned to the war crimes international tribune. He was part of the UN Iraq mission to protect people from Al-Qaeda and IS, and was also deployed to Mali in Africa where his role was to take care of civil war, terrorism and other political conflict.

Parts of his CV reads like something out of James Bond. In his role of providing security for the witnesses, judges, defence lawyers and prosecutors in the International Criminal Tribunals he adds a chilling comment that his work sustained ‘zero causalities’, while as Team Leader in Iraq part of his role included completing over 300 successful missions, again without any casualties from classified locations to Baghdad while facing severe attacks.

He even bumped into United Nations Refugee High Commissioner Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and managed to lend her a couple of hundred dollars (which she repaid) but as DoYeop tells me: “She only gets paid one dollar for all of her work for the UN and moreover she pays for all her own expenses herself.”

DoYeop is impressed as charitable fund raising is close to his heart. “I had the good fortune to be born into a middle class family with many opportunities,” he says. “I’ve travelled the world and seen some amazing things. I only think it right that I should try and help the less fortunate.”

He has done this both as part of the UN, with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq where he was Head of Operations and in a personal capacity.

Now DoYeop, via a brief spell with IKEA which bridged his transition from the UN, unemployment and thence to commerce, is taking his skill sets learnt in the UN and is pivoting them into startups and blockchain.

“It might not seem an obvious step from the UN into blockchain at first inspection but let me explain,” he says.

“From my eight years working in the United Nations and in active service in war torn countries, I have learnt more than I could from studying in college. I discovered that I enjoy and excel at people management – especially in stressful situations. Startups are often compared to the battleground of commerce so this training will be invaluable to me.

“I have also gained great experience in negotiation – another area that is needed when navigating complex commercial waters.

“Finally, from my many years working in the UN, I have a vast array of networks across the world. This is very helpful when opening doors for business and seeking out funding.”

Working with Artificial Intelligence company Good Atlas DoYeop has already introduced them to a number of possible international contracts of sizeable value and is assisting with the negotiation of these multimillion dollar deals.

“I love working with startups – especially since I can bring such positive results,” says DoYeop.  “I have recently become an ICO advisor to a number of companies, including Irish based Blocknubie.

“Blocknubie does what it says on the tin – it helps startups get onto the blockchain. I can help in many ways – including putting investors in the way of these exciting new companies.”

While UN security and operations may have been his learning track, DoYeop also understands business directly running a busy pub and shop in South Korea. Not one to let his hands be still, he plans on opening two shops before the end of the year.

That and coming to Ireland to visit the Guinness Hop Store – he is a publican after all.

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