Interview with Youssef Darim El Yazid about the exciting potential of blockchain innovation in Africa, and with Zynecoin in particular.

What is your background briefly?

I’m Youssef Darim El Yazid, graduated with a degree in computer science. I began programming with C/C++. I worked on several introductory level projects such as create a software that enables the drawings of  geometric shapes with the use of hand movements and a simple computer camera (no intelligent camera such as the kinect), I then became interested in Java/JEE, I created  some projects in gaming , worked on voice recognition software’s in my junior year, and expanded its functionalities in my senior year. After graduating with my degree in engineering and computer science, I took an internship with ATOS which is an international leader in digital transformation with approximately 120,000 employees in 73 countries, I worked on a number of projects, including creating a project management erp which allows ATOS to be a CMMI3. I later joined the company APPLINUM, as project manager of mobile applications development.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Working with a startup like APPLINUM, and job at a bigger business-like ATOS is a little bit different, the most important difference is the rate at which things change, at a large company, you might do the same set of tasks during several years, until you retire or get a promotion, here in APPLINUM my role and responsibilities evolve frequently. Within, one year I may be doing something significantly different from the role I was hired to do, meaning my skills will have to grow and evolve faster.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Well, we just finish the presale, and we are already on the round 3 of the ICO, now we are working on the last version and specifications for WETHIO , the first African blockchain that will resolve some problem of scalability, the WETHIO blockchain relies on the Game Theory, in which you can read our white paper to understand more about our solution.

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

It’s all about a passion and innovation, we want to create something innovative for our country first and for our continent. Blockchain has a lot of potential in Africa and the WETHIO ecosystem and has the potential to make a huge impact on African economies and societies.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

We are creating an Africa-Oriented Incubator with blockchain and Smart Contracts, it’s something analogous to Silicon Valley in Africa, whose economy is growing rapidly. Technically we introduce the term of collaborative mining :

  1. Hashing powers are incentivized so they spread evenly between blocks
  2. This ensures that all blocks are extracted evenly and that the system throughput increases as the number of blocks increases
  3. Miners choose the blockchain whose rewards and challenges are most suitable for their mining equipment
  4. By pursuing their own self-interest, miners benefit the entire system
  5. Everyone shares the benefits of a successful transaction, allowing weaker miners to collect rewards without needing to join a mining group

How can people find out more about you & your work?

They can find us in our social media:

website :

facebook :

twitter :

telegram :

youtube :


email : [email protected]

bitcointalk :

To participate to our ico this is the ICO SMAERT CONTACT  adress:  0x74fc5903d368005a7ab8bc0e518889c0edcab175

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Well, I think we’ve covered most of it, our team is available if someone has a question, they can join us on our social media, we will be glad to answer.

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