Interview with Todd Nichols from Asset Token, who are the worlds first Transferable Credit Card Rewards Token; Contract Address: 0xF93843fC86AfCaA8479a13Ad77fd6e6EEc79a903

Tell us about how you got started?

I grew up on the East Coast in Summit, NJ. Suburbs of NYC where the expectation of working in business and finance was real because of the easy commute to Wall St. After college and a short stint in the USAF I found myself on Wall St in 1996 trying to live out the expected dream of being a big time banker in New York. After working with Smith Barney as a stockbroker for a few years I decided to come out West and settled in Sacramento.

I then found a job working as a financial planner for what was American Express Financial Advisors, now Ameriprise, I became burnt out with finance, and came down to San Diego to literally do not very much. Looking back on my time at AMEX, the training and experience I gained in consultative selling became the backbone of what I bring to the partnership here at Asset Token. Sales management and training along with small business finance since. More recently I added to my most recent resume of disruptive industries by accepting a position at CV Sciences, LLC, a publicly traded company that manufactures and distributes all natural agricultural hemp derived CBD products or Cannabidiol products. Cannabidiol is the non-psycho active cannabinoid in the Cannabis Plant that helps balance out the body and promote healing. That opportunity has grown into Nichols Naturals, LLC which is my company that distributes these and other natural products to the practitioners / compounding pharmacies / Wellness Centers in Southern California.

What interested you about the Asset Token blockchain idea?

Any industry that is controversial or not the standard is interesting to me. When Dennis presented the Global Identity Server with Global Stage Systems, which we presented as a system that eliminates identity theft in all its forms, the push back we received on this concept excited me……. Going into the legal Cannabis space when our society was told that hemp / marijuana is bad for you and brainwashed us into thinking so, excites me…….. now with the blockchain and cryptocurrency, in particularly Asset Token, the idea that you can potentially be better off by spending using your credit cards so you can take control of the rewards/ loyalty programs to make yourself better off…. excites me. I guess not being a sheep in the herd but the sheep herder.

Having the background of developing lifelong financial strategies for folks to outlive their assets through consultative sales, sales training, small business finance sales and sales mgmt is an ideal background for what I do here at Asset Token. Being able to formulate a professional, well thought out presentation to large institutional investors and present it is critical to the success of this project and why I was contacted when the project was developed.

What is your role with Asset Token?

Besides Nichols Naturals, I currently help develop and help execute the overall strategy at Asset Token from who we bring on as advisors to engagements with institutions. Usually the lead presenter or negotiator.

I think of the middle class family that pays their bills, uses their cards and gains rewards points, but not enough to do anything with it every month…. so there is no savings. Asset Token is going to change their lives….. pay off the debts, put some in savings. Game changer for them. I believe it will succeed because of the strength of our team. Andrew and I were very careful in who we wanted to help us see this through. The diversity in skill sets and geography makes this team the best in the world, which Citi acknowledges.

What is coming up for Asset Token in the new year?

We have a few significant dates with large financial institutions at the turn of the new year…. also reignite talks with a different large financial institution that we had extensive discussions with about a week ago. Lots of other engagements in the pipeline. In the first quarter of 2018 we should have our ICO which we think will be a huge success…. stay tuned by following us on Twitter / LinkedIn / also our Telegram channel and website will provide updates.

How can people find out more?

I can be reached  at [email protected] / @ToddNichols4 on Twitter / LinkedIn Todd A Nichols

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