A few months back Route4U – the community-sourced sidewalk navigation app for wheelchair users – exhibited at Future Scope 2017 and they also introduced the project in the Dublin City Hall, where they came across the Wayfinding Challenge. Smart Dublin and the Grangegorman Development Agency are seeking low cost, mobile, smart, innovative, universally designed, indoor and outdoor wayfinding solutions.

After pitching in front of the tenderers in August, Route4U has been selected for cooperation for Phase One of the program. In the first phase the teams have to prepare a concept proposal on what and how they plan to implement in Phase Two in three pilot areas. The Hungarian company will be back in Dublin in mid-September to start working on the project and they are eagerly looking forward to meeting as many people as possible to learn more about the footpath mobility issues and challenges in Ireland.

Robert Moore, Client BIM/Information Manager, Grangegorman Development Agency said on the wayfinding challenge:

“We are seeking to find a creative solution to help people of all abilities, find their way seamlessly around the indoor and outdoor areas of the Grangegorman campus. This solution should reflect the open and interconnected nature of the new campus. We were soon joined by Smart Dublin as they could see the wider appeal to a solution to this challenge and how it could be utilized in a broader way across the region. Ultimately we are seeking a revolutionary navigation system for all.”

For more information about Route4U and the project please visit their website https://route4u.org/


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