The Mobility X conference will be taking place in St.Stephens Green Dublin this Thursday, May 10th and this is what you need to know about the event before it begins.

The event has been running for four years and has previously focused on Drones, Data X, and this year is moving on to another form of transport with cars. Those who attend this year will learn how software can prevent your car from being hacked and taken over.

Attendees will also hear from the people such as Frank Bunte, Bobby Hambrick, and Bruno Fernandez who are helping make vehicles safer. Cars kill 160 people in Ireland every year, yet we come to see it as normal or acceptable. The people at Mobility X believe this technology can change things for the better and can help reduce the cost of motoring.

Peter Barry from Jaguar Land Rover will be talking about what Jaguar is doing to make cars safer, faster and more efficient than ever. While James Taylor the Managing Director at DriveNow UK will explain why BMW is getting into the car sharing business, and why shared cars can help prevent traffic, reduce pollution and make our cities safer.

Frank Bunte from the autonomous vehicle technology system company Nauto, will talk about the technology that they’re developing that scans the face of a driver to make sure he’s alert, looking forward and warns of possible things to avoid in the road ahead.
Bobby Hambrick the CEO of AutonomouStuff will be at the conference to explain how his company is outfitting some of the world’s most important car companies with systems and tools to make their cars self-driving.

There are also plenty of jobs on offer at the conference from companies such as Jaguar and Land Rover for those of you looking to move into the business. Tickets are available at

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