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What is your background?

My background is in media, technology and events. I’ve worked in a variety of different roles and I think that each one of them has enabled me to learn more about myself and develop new skills, all preparing me for this role.

Who will Dublin Tech Summit appeal to?

I think what’s special about what we are creating at DTS, is that the event will appeal to a wide variety of groups in the tech community. Participants will see explorations on the themes of MedTech, FinTech, Fashion, the Internet of Things, Business, Marketing, Creative and Big Data so there will be a wide range of topics covered. However, the high-calibre of participants mean that these topics will also be covered in significant depth. The conference will see powerful and inspiring creators offering unique viewpoints on some of today’s most pressing subjects.

We’re looking to provide an intimate experience for each attendee and to enable them to foster lasting relationships. DTS will welcome people from a broad range of areas of technology who may not necessarily meet.

Who is coming?

DTS 2017 will host 10,000 participants from a variety of different backgrounds in technology who are coming from countries across the globe. The mix of attendees from the dynamic tech community in Dublin with those coming from other countries, we feel, will stimulate a more dynamic and spirited conversation and experience for all attendees.

We’re also particularly proud to report the high proportion of women who will be attending, a group who have always been disproportionately represented in tech. We wanted to play host to as many women in technology as possible, both on and off stage, which was why DTS made 500 complimentary tickets available for women working in tech anywhere in the world. Our split as of today is exactly 50/50 male/female.

What can people look forward to?

For a year one conference, we are so proud of the speaker list we have created and hope to only improve for year two. We have 220 speakers joining us from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. We just recently announced the addition of Jimmy Chamberlin, one of the founding members of The Smashing Pumpkins. Jimmy brought his skills and observations related to culture, entertainment, and business to the tech community as an investor and entrepreneur. He’s a fantastic speaker with a wealth of experience, who I know our attendee’s will enjoy.

We’re also very excited about the diverse selection of females joining us at DTS, from Salesforce President of Global Customer Success, Maria Martinez, to CMO of MongoDB, Meagan Eisenberg and of course, TED Talk Sensation and Founder & CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn, Cindy Gallop.

 How can people find out more about it and buy tickets?

You can register for tickets at People should also make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest DTS news.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

We are a year one conference. We are not looking to re-invent the wheel, we just want to create something for Dublin to be proud of. We want to give attendees an event that they gain something of value from, be that a connection, an opportunity or a lesson. We’re looking to provide a platform for members of the tech community to not just learn about the latest developments, but create relationships, discover insights and be inspired in whatever they set out to achieve.

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