Dmitry, could you tell us more about BiNeuro?

BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence system based on such technologies as Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, genetic algorithms, singular-spectral analysis, fuzzy logic and others. In fact, it’s a system that allows you to improve ??? advertising effectiveness in Google.

Why does BiNeuro system increase ??? advertising effectiveness in Google?

BiNeuro system was created in-house by UCT World Corporation. It’s based on a neural network that creates so-called Target Images of ??? advertising accounts, preserving effective settings and parameters. And also, a semantic core. When BiNeuro receives data about a new advertising campaign, the system analyzes them and finds the Target Images of the most effective accounts among similar ones in the similar field. Selected system settings are transferred to the new campaign account. That’s why the effectiveness of new advertising campaign increases at once.

The BiNeuro system continuously monitors ??? advertising campaign parameters, analyzes its effectiveness and can to changes settings when notices the possibility for increase. If the applied settings and the semantic core turn out to be more qualitative, the base of successful Target Images is replenished. Because of such actions BiNeuro system is trained and its effectiveness increases with each new account, with each new advertising campaign.

And what are the results of this process?

BiNeuro system shows a stable advertising campaigns performance increase by at least 50% compared to advertising campaigns configured by humans-professionals.

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