By James Sanders from Voucher Cloud.

We live in an age where technology is progressing at an insanely fast rate – but just how close are we to the futuristic advancements Sci-fi movies have pumped into our psyche over the past few decades?

In honour of the rebirth of the Star Wars saga, here’s a brief rundown of the sort of things we can expect from the future of technology…


Everybody loves C-3P0 and R2-D2 (they’re a huge part of what made the original movies so beloved), but are we likely to see their ilk any time in the near future?

As things stand, ASIMO – a humanoid robot designed by Honda – is the closest thing we have to replicating a droid which can think and move for itself. Right now this little fellow is only able to walk, run, dance and climb the stairs, but he’s certainly a step in the right direction.

When: It’s anticipated it might take as many as 25-50 years before we start seeing robots that can communicate effectively with human beings.


In Star Wars, holograms are used for a variety of tasks – from projecting a small communication message of a person, to playing games of chess with extravagant monstrous creatures as the pieces.

A contemporary comparison comes in the form of the Hololens – a device being developed by Microsoft, which’ll allow you to see projected images from a specially designed set of eyewear.

Oculus is another variant of this tech, with people able to put on special eye lenses which project a virtual reality world around them.

When: We don’t have the exact same tech as the Star Wars universe, but we’re practically there already.


Is there any weapon in science fiction cooler than a Lightsaber? The answer is no.

The brightly coloured swords might look more akin to glow sticks than a weapon used by a selective order of fighting space monks – but the reality is they can severe your arm at five paces.

Sadly, we’re nowhere near developing this sort of technology. As things stand, it’s practically impossible to channel a beam of energy that’ll stop on its own accord in mid-air.

When: Who knows? Maybe not for as long as 1,000 years. As things stand we don’t have a strong enough grasp of physics or light to master them.

Lightspeed Travel

It would be pretty sweet to hop from one galaxy to another in a matter of minutes – it would certainly make popping down the shops a lot more exciting.

The speed of light is 671 million miles / hour, but as things stand the quickest space shuttle that exists travels at 17,500mph. Quite the difference.

When: Again, it’s unlikely we’ll ever be able to get to grips with this. If we do, it might not be for as long as tens or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Other Futuristic Tech 

It’s not only Star Wars that introduced fun-sounding technology. Here are some other items which we may or may not see any time soon:

  • Self-driving cars – 5-10 years
  • Free-thinking operating systems – 10-25 years
  • Learning from downloads – 100-200 years
  • Living on a spaceship – 10 years

Check out the nifty graphic from vouchercloud below to find out even more about what sort of tech you’re going to be able to experience in the future:

Future Technology from Films Infographic

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