Keeping up those New Year Resolutions

I have a terrestrial radio show here in Ireland. It’s on Saturday mornings between 9 and 10 am (GMT) in case you are around. It is called Wicklow this Week and it is a round-up of news, issues, art, local history etc in the county. It is a live magazine programme and can produce some interesting stuff. You can find the station app in the App Store – the station is called EastCoastFM in Ireland (in case you can’t sleep or are in a similar timezone)

Anyway, I was speaking the week before about New Year’s resolutions. My one is to do the 100 days of walking. It should take me up to April. However, while I am using that as an incentive to push me out walking in inclement weather I was also hedging my bets. So, on days that are nice I’d pop out at lunchtime, weather and work agenda permitting, and again in the evening after work. While I live in the depths of beautiful Wicklow – which I adore – there are very few street lights and pavements in my village. I have to drive to a neighbouring village which not only possesses those important elements but also a nice hill and loop to walk.

So, it is day 13 as I write this and I have done 12 walks – but don’t worry I am going out this evening come hail or shine (we are getting a mixture of both right now at lunchtime). However, I have not actually walked every day – for example Saturday was walk-less – but Friday saw two – hence my cheating in a good cause.

On the show I was asking for listeners to write in with their New Year’s resolutions and if they were keeping them. One wag, a Mary from Wicklow town, said her New Year’s resolution was to have 100 days of eating chocolate and that was going very well for her!

So, before Liina and I started chatting today we spoke of our New Year’s get fit plans etc. For me it is walking – especially once I have a podcast or talk programme to keep me occupied. For Liina it is to gamify her exercise. She has bought a new Xbox game that encourages her to do short bursts of intense exercise. She earns points as she goes – which means she completes the challenge.

Isn’t it funny how we are all motivated – what motivates you?

Anyway, back to the show – we have some very interesting stories – from crypto kitties to bitcoin whales to blockchain developers getting paid big salaries – to a crypto fund set up to impeach Donald Trump. You have to tune in to find out.

And if I may leave you with one quote that really interests me:

“In the future, everyone will want to be anonymous for 15 minutes.”

What would you do with your 15 minutes of anonymity?

Until next week….

Jillian and Liina



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