WeWork was founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and MiguelMckelveyin New York and they provide shared workspaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. Shared workspaces are a place for startups to grow and scale without breaking the bank, and to also network and gain new clients.

WeWork are opening their Iveagh Court Space by the Iveagh Gardens in June and later in the year they will be opening their Georges Dock Space and also their Dublin landings space.

Shared workspaces are a place for startups to grow and scale without breaking the bank, and to also network and gain new clients. Five startups that grew and scaled in WeWork internationally are listed below.

Shine was a WeWork member in Dumbo Heights since March 2016 but they have recently relocated to independent space but will remain digital primary members. They grew from 2-3 employees to 20+ and have millions of subscribers.

Shine is in the digital wellness space and via their messaging bot, they send out life advice and positive reinforcement to your Facebook account or your mobile phone via SMS.

Cheddar has been a member since July 2017 in WeWork Vine/ Manhattan Laundry/ Civic Center and they are the leading post-cable networks company. Cheddar currently broadcast two live video news networks, Cheddar, a business news network and Cheddar Big News which covers non-partisan general news and headline news.

NERD Skincare
Nerd Skincare has been a member since April 2017 and was started at the Soho West WeWork Labs in this program. Nerd Skincare only use natural ingredients in their products so no scary side effects, just clearer and glowier skin.

MoviePass has been a member since March 2016 at WeWork 175 Varick (SohoWest) and they have grown immensely. MoviePass is a subscription-based movie ticketing service that allows their two million plus subscribers to purchase one movie ticket per day for a flat monthly subscription fee.

Appboy aka Braze
Appboy specialises in marketing tech and they allow software companies to use Appboy’s services to provide the best pitch for a specific consumer, deliver it and track the results. When Appboy started in 2011 they had only 6 people in the company and their first office space was with WeWork but when they started to really grow and became Braze, they had leave WeWork as they needed more space to house their 250+ employees.

If you are interested to find out what WeWork can offer you please visit their website.

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