Almost three quarters (71%) of Irish people say they are interested in using smart technology in their home, and two-thirds believe it will make their home more efficient. That’s according to new research from leading smart home brand Hive – sister brand to Bord Gáis Energy. The study of 1,010 Irish adults examines attitudes towards the adoption and use of smart home technology.

Smart Home Understanding

According to the research, there is a strong understanding of the term ‘Smart Home’ in Ireland with 78% of respondents comfortable with the concept. While often new technologies are associated with younger generations, those aged between 45 and 55 years old demonstrated the greatest understanding of the term with 83% saying they know what it means compared to two-thirds of 18 to 24-year-olds (67%).

Ready to Adapt

Though many Irish consumers say they are ready to embrace smart technology in the home, 78% are concerned that upgrading to a smart home will be costly. Internet connectivity issues were also a deterrent for almost half (48%), while just over a third (38%) worry the technology could be difficult to install. However, despite concerns about getting ‘smart’, more than half (58%) believe it will make their home a better place to live and 48% feel it will make their home safer.

An energy-conscious 29% believe smart technology will allow them to save energy given the ability to turn off appliances while out of the home. Heating the house on their way home is the greatest perceived benefit of a smart home for 1 in 5 respondents, while 17% say being able to turn lights on and off when they are away for the weekend is a major plus for using smart tech.

Smart Home Habits

While saving energy is high on the agenda for most Irish people, many also waste a lot of energy on everyday household tasks. Almost half (48%) of respondents admit to regularly boiling the kettle 2 or 3 times because they got distracted after the first boil, and 31% say they are guilty of leaving the lights on after leaving home. And although a misdemeanour in Irish homes, 1 in 4 adults also say they often forget to switch off the immersion heater after heating water. Leaving it on overnight, or while at work, could waste up to €1500 a year.

Commenting on the findings, Nina Bhatia, MD of Centrica Connected Home which brings the Hive brand to market, said:

“Households across Ireland are clearly beginning to embrace smart home technology but it’s interesting to see that, while the number one desire for smart technology in the home is to help save energy, old habits like forgetting to turn the immersion off and repeatedly boiling the kettle continue to be common occurrences.

“Through the Hive brand, we are delivering smart home experiences that make life a little easier and we are thrilled to be bringing our products and services to Ireland. Our mission is to make the smart home real for everyone with affordable, easy to use solutions.”

Currently available to purchase in Ireland through Bord Gáis Energy, Hive products and subscription-based smart home service plans will soon be available direct through

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