Well it has been a very busy November for the Crypto Divas. Both of us were moving house – Liina in Estonia and me in Ireland. Moving house is very exhausting as I am sure you well know. We are finally in our new homes – Lina is waiting on some furniture to arrive and I have a few boxes to unpack and a few more pictures to hang but all is good.

So, we missed an entire month of crypto and of course during that month the ‘Crypto Winter’ really kicked in. We are both fairly sanguine about this blood bath as 1. It means bitcoin will dominate the Christmas tables again this year and 2. When viewed through a five year prism then this is only a glitch and in fact bitcoin is still on an overall upward trajectory. I didn’t buy bitcoin back in 2013 but I am happy for those who did. As for folks who invested in bitcoin at the end of last year (including me buying some for my children as Christmas presents) I genuinely believe it will come back again.

Liina has been very busy setting up her new business. She attended a conference in LA and has met with Estonian politicians past and present and moreover has been counselling the Estonian government on blockchain in general. No better woman.

I have been busy too – getting shortlisted for a number of awards – I didn’t win any but I did get to dress up which was fun.

I had a speech written just in case – I was going to accept the gong on behalf of all the women who had to take a career break. Perhaps they raised children, looked after aging parents, became sick, redundant or fell out of a relationship – there are many things that can derail women from their careers and it is tough getting back in again. Let no one tell you any different. So, if I had won I would have accepted the gong on behalf of all those returning women.  And using this platform – let’s say cheers anyway!

Finally Liina started with a fun fact – the entire crypto con marketplace is now worth less than the market capitalisation of McDonalds.

Not sure I’m loving it …


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