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Day three of the Web Summit. Lots of great content, just tricky to see a lot of it due to the long, long queues for individual talks. This meant that this year was much harder to jump from different stages, both for attendees, and even the media. This made it difficult to actually cover any of the most popular talks unless you had already camped out there. Hopefully the talks will be put up online so that it is possible to actually hear them.

There was a lot of discussion about whether the Web Summit offered value for startups. Those that planned before hand were generally happy with the outcomes achieved. At an event this size it wasn’t possible to achieve too much ‘engineered serendipity‘. However those startups with a strong story to tell seemed to be finding lots of investor interest, with some (@MarkAWoodland) being in the fortunate position of turning many away.

There are lots of aspects that people had legitimate bones about, the food, the inability to get into the talks they wanted to see, but there were also a lot of great connections, conversations and stories told. For Irish Tech News we look forward to sharing with you the large bank of stories captured that we will publish over the coming weeks.

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