WeChat users based in China can now file for divorce on WeChat, the countries most popular instant messaging service.

The divorce feature is a trial and now active in Guangdong province, which includes huge cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Couples who have decided to call it a day simply enter the personal details of the people getting divorced, including names and addresses and make an appointment with the local divorce registrar.

And who said romance was dead!

Filing for divorce is just one of WeChat’s many new functions. Users in the province can also store driving permits and passport copies, and manage their tax documents. They can also apply for marriage licence. These features are only available to Guangdong citizens, but WeChat owner Tencent is reported to be rolling them out across China in the not so distant future.

WeChat is used not only in China, it has one billion active users worldwide and is growing rapidly. Last year a judge in Nanjing, east China, even called a woman on WeChat during court proceedings when she failed to turn up.

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