You need to text someone but you’re out of credit or you’ve used up all you monthly allowance and you’ve no access to a computer. Check out these four solutions to your problem.


This app supports all apple devices only. It works with pretty much any network you can think of and allows you to use your webtexts straight from your phone. There used to be a free and pro version but the free version seems to be gone now. Cost: 3.99euro



JellySMS supports both iOS and Android devices. There’s also a desktop version to use from your PC. Unlike Eirtext, there’s a free and pro version (3.99euro). The pro version allows for multiple profiles and removes the ads in the app and the url signatures in the text.


Cabbage texter

Cabbage texter is a java based app so it’ll work on any phone that supports java, such as BlackBerry’s. There’s also an Android version available on market for 0.99 cent. The java version might not be as polished as some of the apps for other devices but it certainly does the job. There’s also a desktop version available if you like. The java version is 100% free and has always been but if you like the app you’re free to donate to help with its development.


Remember webtexts are not only handy for supplementing your credit or allowance but they can also come in very handy for sending free international texts which usually cost more on your network.

Many networks allow you to send international webtexts but check yours out first before sending them.

We know for sure that at present Three do not allow international webtexts to be sent from there system but O2 and Vodafone do allow this.

It’s also worth noting that some international networks do not permit webtexts being sent to their customers as they cannot handle them.

This is common in the  USA and South Africa.

Have you any tips or tricks for sending webtexts? Do you know of any other useful apps?

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