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How to build a unicorn from scratch in Europe. Next WE’BIZ Talk, Wednesday, 19 April, Porto

The fifth edition of the WE’BIZ TALKS takes place the next 23rd May, at ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs Headquarters, in Porto. The event will be the kick-off of Start & Scale Week, an initiative organised by Scaleup Porto, a project of Porto City Hall, and aims to facilitate the transformation of startups in scale-ups and launch ten projects through Startup Porto Accelerator.

“Surfing the Tech Revolution” is the theme of this journey. The programme includes talks, fireside chats, fundraising and pitches and the protagonists are early stage tech startups, Portuguese and international scale-ups, unicorns with international influence and renown mentors and investors.

Featuring speakers like Romain David (former Uber), Elmar Schnee (MindMaze), John Fontein (former GoEuro), Yoram Wijngaarde (Dealroom), Laura Grimmelmann (Accel Partners), Jorge Brás (Pathena) and Paulo Rodrigues da Silva (Euronext).

It is important to stress that in the morning there will be the usual We’Biz Pitch dynamics at the same time: 12 Portuguese startups will pitch to Laura Grimmelmann, Accel Partners investor (investment tickets Seed and Series A between 500 thousand and 10 million euros). This is an important financing opportunity for these startups, since it opens doors to benchmark geographies in the global market, because Accel Partners plays an active role in the ecosystems in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America.

National success stories (such as AddVolt, Muzzley, LandingJobs and APTOIDE) and Portuguese reference players (such as FNABA, beta-i, Portugal Ventures or Caixa Capital) will also join us. Our goal is to get these speakers to share investment experiences with startups.  

What is the mission of these WE’BIZ Talks?

ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, an association established some 30 years ago and that was a pioneer in the promotion of entrepreneurship in Portugal, wishes to put the country in the lead of the venture capital investment, empowering the national scale-up movement by bringing together the best national startups and the best international investors. The We’Biz Talks are the main instrument of this mission. So, these talks arose from a very specific ambition to boost the national scale-up movement, bringing the best Portuguese startups closer to the best European and American VCs; and each edition does make a difference.

Could you give us some examples of VCs and speakers who have taken part in the talks?

Although the WE’BIZ Talks came public in 2016 only, the event has already an interesting portfolio. After the debut with Vitaly Golomb, investment manager at HP Tech Ventures, in a session dedicated to investment in tech businesses, the WE’BIZ Talks proceeded, in February of 2017, with an approach to the German market. Tanja Emmerling, investment manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Luka Planinc, managing director at ABC Venture Gates, were the protagonists responsible for answering the question “How to scale in Europe via Germany?”. In the following edition, the WE’BIZ Talks focused on the scale-up process from Portugal to the world. The event got together Portuguese startups and scale-ups, international corporations (like Microsoft for example) and three international speakers with an enormous background: Max Kelly, Managing Director at Techstars, Verne Harnish, Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization and author of “Scaling Up”, and Boris Golden, principal at Partech Ventures. In April, Chris Wade (Venture Partner at Octopus Ventures) was the guest of honour of a session focused on the European ecosystem, in particular the United Kingdom market.

What about networking? Are you still betting on these interaction dynamics?

Yes, for sure. The WE’BIZ Talks are an informal, dynamic and interactive event. Those attending are given the opportunity to take home the contacts they want to make and the networking periods are unique opportunities to actually speak to a group of people that otherwise would probably be inaccessible.

How can people attend?

 Attending the WE’BIZ Talks is free (online registration). The WE’BIZ Pitch component begins with a scouting procedure carried out by ANJE, which sends out a call involving other players of the national entrepreneurial ecosystem; next, it contacts the relevant startups and invites them to submit their applications. After the call closing, ANJE assigns invited international investors the task to select the projects to take part in the pitching round.

It is also worth mentioning that on May 23 we will be streaming all afternoon. Please check the following platforms to see us live:




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