By @SimonCocking. Short and sweet interview with Evan Kirstel  & Helping clients w in      . Ranked #11 in Onalytica Top 100 Data Security Influencers.

What is your background briefly?

25 years in the enterprise software arena in sales, business development and alliances.

How did you end up doing what you do now?

I’ve been a social media fanatic for number of years and decided to take my obsession with social media to B2B tech clients as an independent.

1 min pitch for what you do / what’s a typical day like?

Helping clients with massive engagement across the social media landscape getting noticed by Who’s Who in the enterprise, telecom, and cloud world

Congrats on being ranked #11 on the Onalytica list for top 100 Data Security thought leaders  – where did it all go right?

I’ve managed to take my personal obsession with social media to clients and help them get noticed and what is a very busy and noisy environment. The key is to use tools, novel tactics and techniques that allow for engagement and visibility with Thoughtleaders.

What trends are you excited / concerned about in relation to the work you do at the moment?

We are in a new Renaissance of artificial intelligence, Cloud, deep learning and advanced technology that’s incredibly exciting to cover.

What tips would you give to people in relation to data security?

Learn about key tools and tips from pros to keep yourself safe. Don’t be stupid!

How important is it to have an online presence and digital reputation now?

You are your brand. Having said that some of the most interesting and insightful people are not being heard on the digital landscape, and I’d love more folks like myself helping with that in terms of consulting and education.

Who do you follow for your inspiration and insights?

There are so many great futurists on Twitter it’s hard to pick one!

We can be online 24/7, how do you manage your work life balance?

Do what you love and Balance will not be necessary!

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