The popular Watts Miners company recently announced that they are going to offer a range of innovative crypto miners. The company states that they don’t have any competitor in the cryptocurrency mining global market when it comes to these products. The three crypto miners that Watts Miners just launched are based on a new type of technology, that’s visibly more advanced compared to other types used by competitor companies in the industry. Watts Miners found out a method to use an advanced type of 7nm ASIC mining chips which are unique on the current global market. What’s even more impressive about the three products is that they are compatible with mining Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, along with Monero and Dash.

Why should people buy these crypto miners?

The reason why people might want to choose Watts Miners’ products over any other ones is represented by hash rate. The processing power of the new crypto miners raised to up to 1000 TH/s for Bitcoin, 200 GH/s for Litecoin, 28 GH/s for Ethereum, 6.8 TH/s for Dash, and 1200 KH/s for Monero. The values are truly impressive and there is no wonder why people don’t have any second thoughts when buying these crypto miners.

Moreover, the energy consumption of these new products is incomparable to other products available on the market. The three products at Watts Miners proved to be energy-efficient: 800W±10% to 200W±10%. The products are also durable, as mentioned by the company. They can be used for 70 000 hours ongoing, which clearly sends the products in the top of the crypto miners list. These are just a few of the motives behind purchasing the newest Watts Miners products, but the list of features goes on and on.

Talking about the hash rate…

There is a direct correlation between the hash rate of a crypto miner and the ROI. A good crypto miner has a strong hash power and low power consumption values. As mentioned before, the three products launched by Watts Miners seem to meet the expectations for the global cryptocurrency market this year. The crypto miners’ performance leads to a better and faster ROI. Profitability is a major factor for customers who invest in crypto miners, so they have to get thoroughly informed about the features of the products. Luckily, Watts Miners gives all details related to these miners.

ASIC chips

Watts Miners uses this new technology for their hardware, which translates into Application-specific integrated circuit chips. At the moment, the company set a monopoly market through their crypto miners, which is groundbreaking for people who are interested in this industry. Finding the appropriate mining rigs became a true challenge. The information you can find from our site should help you make the right choice for your mining hardware, no matter how many options you are oscillating between at the moment. Take your time to make the decision and don’t forget to acknowledge all the features that the products bring to the table. For more news related to this topic and other relevant details about the latest crypto technology, don’t hesitate to visit

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