VT Networks has announced a strategic business partnership with Powerpoint Engineering that will result in the remote reading of electricity and gas meters, monitoring of expensive electricity and gas assets and the protection of lone workers in rural locations.

Powerpoint Engineering is a leading supplier of electrical testing, safety and monitoring equipment, and the new deal will allow them to provide industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions to their customers. VT operates Ireland’s first commercial network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and will partner with Powerpoint to provide this to some of Ireland’s largest industrialists.

The reading of meters and monitoring of assets will happen through VT’s network, which is powered by SIGFOX technology and is optimized for simple sensors and devices, providing low-cost connectivity, ultra-low power requirements for devices and 97 per cent geographical coverage in Ireland. There are SIGFOX networks in 22 countries, and devices can roam seamlessly between them.

Powerpoint Engineering will be offering SIGFOX-enabled remote monitoring solutions to their customers, which range from utility companies to large energy businesses, as well as developing new solutions to operate on VT’s network. Being able to remotely read electric and gas meters, as well as monitor assets and lone workers, will create efficiencies, increase security and further help optimize operations.

“We are excited to be partnering with Powerpoint Engineering to bring affordable, scaleable remote metering solutions to the Irish market,” said Mark Bannon, co-founder and CEO of VT Networks. “SIGFOX-enabled smart meters can be easily retrofitted, making them a simple cost-saving solution.”

SIGFOX and VT run a channel partner program that helps them create connections between manufacturers, distributors and system integrators to bring new and existing IoT solutions to market.

“We have identified a strong demand for remote monitoring solutions within Ireland and are delighted to have partnered with VT Networks,” said Liam Davis, Managing Director at Powerpoint.

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