VT Networks, the operator of Ireland’s only commercial Internet of Things (IoT) network, struck a new strategic business partnership with GeoPal, a workflow management firm that will be providing IoT solutions to their customers.

Through mobile apps and other software, GeoPal helps businesses optimize the workflow of employees out in the field, creating efficiencies and accountability. GeoPal, which operates in Ireland, Spain, the UK and US, believes there are a variety of IoT solutions operating on VT’s network that would be an asset to their clients.

“Partnering with VT will help to open the world of IoT to our clients, who already trust us to provide the best, most efficient solutions. For us, this is the natural next step in that dedication to our clients,” said GeoPal CEO Gerard O’Keeffe.

VT’s network, which is powered by SIGFOX technology, is optimized for simple sensors and devices that send small amounts of information. As IoT grows, this low-power, wide-area network will power solutions across a range of sectors, including agritech, asset tracking, telehealth and more.

“Our network covers 97 per cent of Ireland, and our focus now is on growing the IoT ecosystem that will take advantage of that connectivity. GeoPal is a key partner in bringing the right solutions to the right companies,” said VT Networks COO Will Ferguson.

An overview of the SIGFOX-enabled products that currently work on the network in Ireland can be found at www.partners.sigfox.com.

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