Mirror Brand Experiences, part of the vStream Group, @vStream has launched ‘Elves in Space’, a spectacular new 5D Christmas experience created using vStream’s patented software.  Launching in the Santa’s Grottos of some of the UK’s largest shopping centres, the estimated total number of people expected to go through the Christmas experience by the end of 2014, will hit 500,000 since its launch in 2011.

Mirror Brand Experiences @mirrorbrand has been working with major Christmas Grottos in Europe for several years with amazing results, including 20% uplift in footfall year-on-year, tens of thousands of new email addresses collected for direct marketing, a huge increase in Facebook fans, revenue uplift and multiple awards wins globally and, most importantly, hundreds of thousands of happy children.The business has generated half a million in turnover for the vStream Group since its launch.

This year, Mirror Brand Experiences, part of the vStream Group, has created ‘Elves in Space’ starring Ella the Elf as part of the 5D Christmas Experience.  Ella is a Christmas heroine who will feature in many more adventures over the coming years. Her first movie pits her against the Munions – aliens who have come to steal all the presents from the children of earth. An exciting adventure that begins in Santa’s Grotto, travels deep into space to The Christmas Planet, GibbleGibble, then back over the city of London before returning to the North Pole – all in 5D!

The six minute animated video has been created in Stereoscopic Passive 3D – the way you watch many 3D movies in the cinema, with 3D glasses. The 4D element is physical – when you are flying on Ella’s rocket you can actually feel the wind in your hair, Elf dust explodes from the screen when fireworks go off and you can even feel the heat of the rocket as it blasts off.

Andrew Jenkinson  @andrewjenkinson of the vStream Group said, “The 5D element is unique to our experiential company, Mirror Brand Experiences, which is part of the vStream Group.  Our patented technology allows us to feature the children in the audience, in the movie! There are up to 50 personalisation moments. The aliens are not just stealing any old presents, they are stealing the children in the audience’s presents – their names and photographs are on the gifts as they float through space!”

Niall O’Driscoll, of the vStream Group, added that “Mirror Brand Experiences’ clients love the connection personalisation creates with the child who visits Santa’s Grotto and their family. The data that is captured is used to continue the story after the children have left the grotto, by sending them another 2D personalized animation by email, which they can share across social media. There’s also a smartphone and tablet game featuring Ella to complete the 360 degree multi-platform experience.”

‘Elves in Space’ plays in some of London’s largest shopping centres and intu, Broadmarsh.


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