Vodafone today launched its enhanced 4G+ service which will offer customers speeds of “up to” 225Mbps. Vodafone is the first operator in Ireland to deliver 4G+ speeds of up to 225Mbps which should help customers enjoy services like video streaming in HD, live TV with high reliability and the potential to broadcast live from events.

4G+ is available to Vodafone RED Business, RED Super Business, RED Extra, RED Super and RED Extra Super bill pay customers at no extra cost until March 2016 using 4G+ enabled smartphones such as the Samsung S5+, Sony Xperia, Z3+, and Vodafone Smart Ultra.

Commenting on the increased 4G+ network speeds in Ireland, Vodafone Technology Director, Madalina Suceveanu said “Customers are constantly using their mobile devices to do more – video streaming in higher quality, large file sharing and cloud storage. At Vodafone we pride ourselves on being one step ahead so that we are always ready to bring our customers the newest technologies first, to deliver a better experience. Our new faster 4G+ speeds are testament to this”.

For full details of 4G+, visit www.vodafone.ie/network/4g.

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