Vodafone Ireland has today announced, in advance of the new EU roaming regulations which come into effect tomorrow, that it is providing customers with the use of their full data allowance within their plans while roaming in Europe at no extra cost – the only Irish operator to do so.

From tomorrow, Vodafone Ireland will be implementing a full ‘take your home tariff abroad’ policy for mobile customers, with no changes to any customer tariffs or package plans. That means Vodafone is not increasing prices, and tariffs will stay exactly the same, with customers now able to enjoy the use of their tariffs exactly like they would at home with no additional cost while roaming in Europe.

Anne O’Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland said “Vodafone welcomes the EU roaming regulation and is applying it wholly and completely across all mobile tariffs. Our customers roaming across Europe can now touch base with home, discover things to do, and share those experiences without any worries. Our ‘take all your home tariff abroad’ policy means exactly that; customers can now use their phones in Europe, whether through data, text or voice, as they would at home all within their normal allowances and at no extra cost. We are delighted to be the only Irish operator to offer this value to all our customers”

For example, with Red Connect tariffs, customers can use their home allowance at no additional cost when travelling to over 30 European destinations; and for a daily fee in over 80 countries (US & Canada €2.99 per day, other €4.99 per day).

Vodafone offers over and above the minimum data allowance required by the Regulation across all their Red Connect bill pay plans e.g. on Red Connect Sim Only 12-month plan, Vodafone offers 35% more data than what’s required under the regulation. Pay as you go customers will also be able to take their full allowance for data, calls and texts at no extra cost when roaming in Europe. Furthermore, once customers go over their allowance, they only pay their domestic rates exactly like they would at home.

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