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This month, the second edition of Viva Technology, an exciting Global event centred around innovation, will take place from 15th – 17th June, in Paris.
Building on the tremendous success of the first event in 2016, this year’s event will bring together the biggest names in the world of tech, providing greater opportunities for people to discover and preview the technological innovations set to shake-up our daily lives.

Over 400 Influential Speakers From Across The World from a variety of Business leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capital investors, academics and other major figures will share their vision of the future and take part in debates on key digital topics.

Amongst the attending tech players – who will be deciphering emerging trends, disruption factors and best practices – high-profile directors will also be present, including Yuanquing Yang (Lenovo), David Kenny (IBM Watson), Eric Schmidt (Alphabet), Tim Armstrong (AOL), John Chambers (Cisco), Daniel Zhang (Alibaba), Bertrand Piccard (SolarImpulse),
John Collison (Stripe).

Emerging unicorns will also join the conversation, including BenevolentAI, Blippar, Blablacar, Hootsuite, ironSource, Mindmaze, Quanergy Systems, Shopclues, Okta, Skyscanner, Taboola, and more.

France will be represented by Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Stéphane Richard (Orange), Philippe Wahl (Group La Poste), Isabelle Kocher (Engie), Jacques Aschenbroich (Valeo), Nicolas Dufourcq (BPI) as well as Jean-Laurent Bonnafé (BNP Paribas).

There will be 250 Inspirational Conferences Led By High-Tech World Leaders
Days one and two of VivaTech will be open for the exclusive admission of dedicated tech professionals, who will have first-hand access to a series of conferences, interviews, debates and exciting discoveries

Day three will see VivaTech open its doors to the general public, with events focusing on key themes intended to shake up, disrupt and fascinate the world of today and tomorrow

This year Artificial Intelligence will be among the main themes discussed, together with mobility, the energetic revolution, Internet of things, robotics, virtual and augmented reality as well as the next technological
breakthroughs, Other themes include: #ai #robotics, #civictech, #CyberSecurity, #education, #energy, #entertainment, #FinTech, #FoodAgriBusiness, #HealthWellBeing, #hospitality, #HRtalent, #industry, #lifestyle, #luxury, #communication, #media, #mobility, #RetailEcommerce, #SmartCities, #telco, #BigData

The event will be organised into zones in which the 5,000 attending startups will be able to meet, pitch and convince big businesses and investors to support their ventures, including prestigious venture capital funds such as: Accel Partners, Atomico, Balderton Capital, Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures, Partech Ventures and Union Square Ventures. In total,
more than 1,000 investors are anticipated to attend.

The most innovative companies in the world will present their latest innovations and prototypes. In the Hall of Tech, each visitor will be able to experience and experiment new technologies such as drones, robots, autonomous cars, 3D
printers, connected objects, virtual and augmented reality and audio innovations.
Viva Technology will also provide unique opportunities to discover various innovations, including:

NAVYIA’s driverless shuttle
The most advanced robots including Omate, which is compatible with the artificial intelligence of Alexa by Amazon, premiering for the first time in France
The LuxAI robot, created for assisting autistic children
The 3D rudder, which serves to move around in VR games
The Go Touch VR glove, which allows users to ‘touch’ objects in VR, revealed for the first time in France
HyperSuit simulator, for experiencing extreme sensations from the comfort of your living room
The Specktr glove, which makes and mixes music
The smallest to the biggest drones, like the Fotokite which is controlled via an eight metre lead
Icaros, a sports device that allows users to fly and exercise in virtual reality
The most developed AI and Big Data usages, with Google Assistant

Further innovations will be featured by the likes of L’Oreal, JCDecaux and Bouygues Group.
Important Social And Human Initiatives: A Masterclass With Building Winners
100 startups are invited to meet with VCs and successful entrepreneurs, who will share their tips around:

#positiveimpact responsible and humane innovation will be one of the main cross-disciplinary themes of the
event, in favour of responsible and ethical innovation
#talentconnect and #peoplematter to help businesses recruit sought-after candidates for roles in Big Data, from
artificial intelligence to the development of applications
#womenrock will highlight the work of 15 inspiring young women, who embody the future of innovation and entrepreneurship

The final day will be dedicated to The General Public. Families, students – and anyone eager to find out more – will be able to attend and make the most of the events, created
specifically for the public to enjoy by the partners of Viva Technology.
These will allow for a wide range of people outside the industry to preview innovations, gathered from all over the world, which will change our lives. Events for the public will include coding workshops for children such as ‘Fight Code’ and social initiative ‘Paris Coding’, brought to the event in partnership with the Paris City Council.

I’ll also be moderating and leading talks. Including the following….

“People first! How to build a great team”
A panel with Renaud Visage cofounder of Eventbrite/Venture partner at Index Ventures, Alice Zagury CEO/Cofounder of The Family and Geraldine Le Meur Cofounder and Managing partner of The Refiners

“Can Hotels Be A Destination For Both Locals And Travelers?”
A panel with the Senior Vice President of AccorHotels and Shama Zehra Cofounder/president of JETZY

“Connecting the world by bringing the sharing economy to space”
A fireside chat with The Head of Engineering at Airbus Group Inc.. Defence and Space.

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