One of the issues that student’s face is renting accomodation for 9 months and having to pay for a  years TV and broadband. That is now all about to change as Virgin Media have broken the chains on long term contracts and are offering, from today, 30 day broadband and 30 day TV services from as little as €20 a month. So whether you’re a student, on a short term lease or planning that big move abroad, Virgin Media has you covered with its ‘no strings’ attached offering.

Customers who sign up with Virgin Media’s new 30 day TV and 30 day broadband flexible offer will be able to access download speeds of  240Mb, access to all their favourite apps and players, as well as all of Virgin Media’s On Demand movies and box-sets including Moana, Passengers, Kingdom and Suits.

Paul Farrell, Vice President Virgin Media said: “The traditional TV and broadband packages are no longer working for millennials which is why at Virgin Media we’ve ripped up the rulebook when it comes to contracts with the launch of our new no strings attached 30 day broadband and TV offer.”

“Not everyone can, or wants to be tied down with long term contract for their broadband and TV service which is why we’ve designed this flexible offer specifically to meet the streaming and content needs of the ‘on-demand’ generation”.

“Our new 30 day TV and 30 day broadband offer is for those looking to dump their old broadband and television partner and come have a fling with Virgin Media – we promise you’ll enjoy the relationship however long it lasts”.

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