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For bloggers, the big question we ask ourselves is how we can get more traffic. How can we get more people to our website to pay attention and to read our content. Well it starts with producing great content, but once you have that nailed you need to market that content to the world. Right now the best platforms for that is social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the top tools I use right now. So what about Pinterest? 

Well let me throw this out there right now, I don’t use Pinterest for marketing because I feel it is just not ‘there’ yet in the digital marketing landscape. Some people have had great success with marketing on Pinterest, for example – if you have a crafts blog or a DIY blog you could potentially kill on Pinterest.

However I feel that there is still some way for the platform to go before it broadens its marketing reach for a range of different topics and as a result many people forget about it. I haven’t forgotten, I keep an eye on what they are up to but I don’t use it. So it was interesting to see a platform called Viralwoot sent on to me to review and I have been checking it out over the past number of days.

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Viralwoot centres around the use of seeds. Seeds are the virtual currency of the platform, Viralwoot describes them as follows: “If you want to get followers or promote pins and get repins or likes, you spend seeds just like you spend dollars to buy stuff in market. If you follow someone or repin a pin or like a pin or invite someone to Viralwoot, you earn seeds.”

You start out with 50 seeds when you sign up and then you can earn them by following accounts, repinning pins to your boards and liking Pinterest posts. When other accounts follow you, like and repin stuff you then lose seeds. Need more seeds? Well you can buy seeds in bulk from Viralwoot for a range of different prices shown below.

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I have used a lot of social media scheduling tools and I have used a lot of automated systems online but I have never used one centred around virtual currency and I have to be honest, it was really irritating and I personally can’t see a logical reason for why it needs to be part of the platform at all. However it is very much personal preference when it comes to something like this, some will love it, some will hate it and some won’t care.

So, to schedule pins you use a bookmarklet. When you are on a web page simply click on the bookmarklet and it takes you to the scheduler. First select an image you want to use and then click on schedule to get to this page.

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Clicking the start time box will display a popup of a calendar where you can pick the date and set the time, then pick what board you are pinning to, edit any details as you wish and hit the schedule now button.

The pros of using Viralwoot is that if you are looking to start with a Pinterest scheduler then you will get the best value for money here. Viralwoot’s prices for their annual plans are very reasonable. There is also an abundance of tools to help you promote pins and find new people and content on Pinterest. Viralwoot does exactly what it claims it can do, schedule pins and increase the activity and traffic on your account.

However, the problems are two fold and are very much personal preferences so they won’t apply to everyone. Firstly, I was not a fan of the user interface. It was clunky and non-user friendly, when you go to schedule a pin it just feels like a lot of work and effort compared to other automated platforms I have used. There is also no way to set a recurring schedule. So you can’t set up a schedule and simply drop pins into it, at least no feature I could easily find exists. You have to manually determine when you want pins to be scheduled. Of course I need to stress again, the UI problems I encountered are subjective, what I perceive to be non-friendly UI may not be the same for you.

As mentioned, the other thing I was not a huge fan of is the virtual currency, the seeds. It feels like having this element is just a waste of user time and provides little user value. Very few of the accounts suggested in Viralwoot were appealing to me and it felt counter productive to organic growth.

So what I mean by this is that when you look at the suggested accounts in Viralwoot it tells you how many seeds you can earn by following them. Then you set your account for how many seeds people can earn if they follow you. It feels like buying and selling followers which was far from a satisfying experience especially if you like growing organically.

Viralwoot is by no means a bad tool to use. For some people the problems I listed above may not apply to them, it is free to setup an account and explore the platform and if Pinterest scheduling is something you feel could boost your traffic then you should definitely check it out at the link below.

Check out Viralwoot here.

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