By @TheMarkDalton.

We don’t hear as much about Vine as the other social media platforms, however it is one of my favourite social media platforms to browse around. I don’t create Vines myself but the creativity of people on that platform in the space of 4.5 seconds is pretty astounding. That is part of the magic of what makes Vine so great and over the past number of years, music and sound has become an integral part of those great Vines. 

Well now Vine has announced a new feature which will allow users to pull the audio straight from a Vine they see in the app and remix it into your own creation for your own Vine. As well as an audio remix feature, there is now the ability to search Vines based solely on the audio which is used.

Making an audio remix is easy, find a Vine that you like and tap the ellipsis on the right hand side of the screen. The select the “make an audio remix” option and the Vine creation screen will appear with the audio from that chosen Vine. From that point it is up to you to come up with the creative magic to finish off the Vine.

When you create a Vine that uses an audio remix an eighth-note icon will appear next to the description which will link back to the original Vine which is important as it gives credit to the original Vine creator and on a platform like Vine it is important to recognise the original idea and the work that was put into it.

The ability to search by audio is working on both Android and iOS however the audio remix feature is currently available for iOS only.

It is not a revolutionary feature, however for new Viners in particular it will take what would have been  a more complicated process and makes it much easier to do.

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