By @TheMarkDalton.

Vine is the latest big name app to arrive on the Apple Watch with the ability to play tiny videos on your wrist along with a complication on certain watch faces which will keep users up to date on how many times their videos have been looped. 

It is no secret that Vine has arrived on the Apple Watch as it was demoed on stage recently during an Apple Watch event. Apple used the Vine app to showcase the new ability to play back videos on watchOS 2.

The app has been in the works since June which gives an idea of the sheer scale it takes to create some of the complex Apple Watch apps. Apple has garnered wide developer support for the watch however getting the apps to work as well on the device has been somewhat of a struggle.

When the Apple Watch launched there were no native apps at the time and as a result the watch would have to pull resources and content off your nearby iPhone which made the usage of apps slow.

watchOS 2 introduced native apps however not all developers have updated their apps to support the feature yet and while those who have updated to native support have seen an improvement it is still not as fast as we were hoping for.

Vine on the Apple watch does a good job of shrinking down and offers featured Vines and videos from your favourites however viewing them on the tiny screen means that there is a tendency for them to load somewhat slowly.

Vine has also introduced a new discover mode to their iOS app. You can now swipe left on any video to load a related clip that Vine thinks you will like. Keep swiping left until you get bored!

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