Mental health presentations are among top ten reasons for videoDoc access every month

videoDoc, Ireland’s leading online doctor service is launching an online therapy service on their platform. This new addition to the videoDoc service aims to provide patients with a solution-focused approach to issues affecting mental health.  The programme has been developed as a response to the significant numbers of patients, particularly young men in rural areas, accessing the videoDoc service seeking help with mental health-related concerns.

The online therapy service will be overseen by Jason Brennan, a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor with over 20 years of experience supporting clients suffering from a wide range of mental health issues from anxiety, depression and grief, to trauma, relationship issues, obsessive thinking and other life stage challenges.  Jason is well known in Ireland having co-authored, with Brent Pope, a best selling book featuring strategies to cope with various mental health issues at home, at work and in sport.

“The therapy offered is Focused Brief Therapy sessions (FBT). These are individual sessions with a therapist that are goal focused and goal driven, practical in a way that allows the person and the therapist to focus on what it is the client really wants to change” said Jason Brennan.

“Creating a healthy goal and helping them understand some of the contributing factors that might be holding them back while also exploring strategies and techniques to help create the desired outcome.  It is short term therapeutic work, with an average session amount of 3 – 5 sessions, to allow enough time for both the person and therapist to see the change happening” he added.

In Ireland there is a challenge for people to easily access qualified, accredited and experienced therapists, let alone quickly and efficiently. Recent reports indicate that in some cases individuals are waiting over a year to be able to talk with someone, which is taking its toll on people who are already struggling and in need of support, and affecting outcome as optimum results are achieved with early intervention.

Outside of the main cities, it is even more difficult for members of a community in a rural setting to adequately connect with a qualified mental health professional when they need to. videoDoc are creating a pathway for these people to see and talk with a professional – face to face, via their secure online platform.

Online therapy with videoDoc will enable people anywhere in Ireland, easily and conveniently connect with someone they can talk to and work with, to quickly improve their mental health and wellbeing. Helping to avoid the difficulty of finding and locating a  therapist, taking time away from their work or home to attend a session and removing the often challenging thought of waiting in a waiting room to see a mental health professional. videoDoc online therapy sessions are a healthy first step that anyone can take on their road to be well and stay well.

videoDoc online therapists will help people talk through and understand issues such as depression, anxiety, work & life stress, loss, disappointment, grief, anger, relationships challenges, obsessive or negative thinking, pressure and sleep issues, helping people learn and practice strategies to cope better.

“As a therapist the vast majority of people I see are the ‘worried well’. They are fundamentally well in themselves and have developed pretty good coping skills, but the demands of life at times are taking a bit of a toll and they need a few extra ways of managing. Keeping themselves on the path to where they want to get to. FBT is a helpful way of doing this, especially when life’s path feels a bit steep. videoDoc online therapy sessions now make it much more open, accessible and cost effective for everyone to feel supported” said Jason Brennan.

The cost for each session is €50 and further session booked are at a discounted rate as it is anticipated that clients will need approx three to five sessions to work through their concerns and learn practical skills and coping mechanisms for the issues they seek treatment for.

“While online support is not for everyone, nowadays many of us are using this smart technology all the time and are familiar with it being part of our way of doing things” Jason Brennan.

For clients who seek mental health care that is beyond this remit, Jason and his team will refer onwards for other therapeutic treatment as necessary.

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