Audi Live, a new customer experience technology launched by Audi Ireland, bridges the gap between online retail and the automotive industry by bringing the latest Audi models to customers through live video interaction.

The technology, powered by Whisbi, a global provider of omnichannel SaaS solutions, allows customers to interact with two Audi gurus in real time, ask questions and explore an Audi model from the comfort of their own home, via a phone, tablet or computer. Audi Live is also available outside typical business hours, from 7pm to 10pm Sunday to Thursday.


“Audi Live is a first for the car industry in Ireland. It underscores the brand’s commitment to Vorsprung Durch Technik, or innovation through technology, and demonstrates Audi’s willingness to use the latest technology to deliver an enriched customer experience,” said Richard Molloy, Head of Marketing and Product at Audi Ireland.

Kevin Dunne, Digital Marketing Manager at Audi Ireland, said: “With Audi Live, we want customers to feel like they’re personally getting hands on with an Audi model. Audi Live is an online experience where visitors to can experience Audi models, in this instance the new Audi Q2, in real-time. Users can ask our Audi gurus to examine and demonstrate certain features, ask questions and get a complete tour of the car, both inside and out. For example, if you want to know what the exterior looks like, how large the boot is or what the Audi Smartphone Interface is like, our Audi gurus can demonstrate all of these features in real-time.”

Audi Live has been launched as part of the Audi Q2 campaign and if successful, consumers should expect to see the platform fully integrated into Audi Ireland’s digital customer service experience.

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