If you like watching music videos or you are someone who uses Youtube a lot for music, Vevo is an app for you. It has an ever increasing library of Music videos which are free to stream until you heart is content. While it won’t have every Artist, for a free App it offers an excellent selection of videos to choose from.

The App itself has gone through  few updates and the UI is now very slick. When you first load the app it can be a small bit slow to load while it updates but after that everything works flawlessly.

There are several ways available to find what content you are looking for. When you hit the very iPad like menu button a bubble type menu appears with options to search by Artist, Videos, Playlists and through a Barcode scanner. There are also options to create you own playlists and adjust other personal settings.

While watching a video there is two stream quality settings available. On the high quality setting the videos are very clear on a Smartphone sized screen and play without stutter or lag. Within the video player you can also choose to see details about the video/ artist, share via social media and there is also a link to buy the track from the Amazon Music Store which unfortunately isn’t available to Irish customers.

The App itself is ad supported but on the Android version they are very unobtrusive and more often than not don’t load at all. On the iOS version ads are played first before the video begins and while it seemed that this would be the way they were delivered on Android, it is yet to happen.

All told this is a highly recommended app for the music lovers among you.







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