The Vestarin project team, who work with the integration of cryptocurrencies in commercial terms of any type and size, including in offline stores, has announced the end of the token sale, where VST tokens have been sold which are over 3000 ETH.
We note, that the soft cap which is equivalent to 2000 ETH was raised at the start of the token sale. As a result – leading to a wider interest of the project. It has provided new subscribers, good press, reviews on Networks, and, as a result, more than a successful completion of the Pre-ICO.

Additionally, an open door policy of management had a successful promotion, when the hard cap was reduced after the unprecedented growth of the ETH this winter. Unlike other crypto-startups, the Vestarin team decided not to pursue the value, and be able to respond to the market conditions. The amount that ETH had raised in autumn were calculated to $300-400, however, it had always had the range of $800-1100, for a very long time. Therefore, it was decided to reduce the upper line charges on the Pre-ICO, and at the main stage of ICO. Therefore our hard cap is 35 000 ETH.

As we can see, the boundary of Pre-ICO was resolved without any complications. The team has already announced its expansion, and the fast release of its application. We will once again remind you of the demo version for mobile devices is available for testing, and its desktop version is in active phase of development. Which by the way, has helped token sale organizers, as a few developers are resolved to release the prerelease version of the product for extensive discussion. In this case, the rate of Vestarin management on openness was repaid.

The Pre-ICO has passed. The team is now preparing to host ICO, which will be launched on March 5.
It should also be reminded that the team intends to unite on one platform for a decentralized marketplace, where being able to purchase with cryptocurrency, and the navigator to search for institutions. In addition, the application will have a built-in messenger and functionality of Professional social network for the blockchain developers and entrepreneurs – for customer and executor to have a quicker contact.
Service will be available in all popular languages, making it publicly available.

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