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Interesting interview with Fiona Spence, she likes all things relating to luxury, jewellery, innovation, emerging + beautiful technologies; see also  Fiona introduces the upcoming events V&A and the London Design Festival. The Slave/Master performance will take place in London on September 16-24.

What was the inspiration to start it?
When devising their “Slave/Master” installation the Brooke Roberts Innovations Agency wanted to explore the borders around human/robot interaction and reverse the traditional “fear” taught to us by cautionary science fiction tales, instead creating a physical dialogue and demonstrating the impact that humans can have on robots’ ‘behaviour’, with the larger aim of challenging the public’s perception of the increased prevalence of robotic technology and making it feel more accessible and less daunting.
What opportunities are on offer for people attending?  
For the Slave/Master installation people will see – the robotic arms perform alongside human dancers from the London Contemporary Ballet Theatre, to a haunting score by composer Rupert Cross.  The performance develops from the dancers interacting with curiosity towards their robot peers, changing very quickly to aggression and domination, revelling in their ability to influence and direct the robots’ movements as they try to avoid their human aggressors.
How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?
It’s a free event

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