By @SimonCocking interview with Jamil Hasan President of Minerva Data Advisors, Blockchain technology specialist, and Advisor for @Tekyico ’s ICO

Why did you get involved with the Asset Token ICO?

I see Asset Token ERC20 as the game changing catalyst in the US economy to help America get out of its’ national debt crisis position from an organic economic growth perspective.

I was a hard working loyal corporate employee most of my adult life. I had my first job at age 11 as a newspaper carrier. At age 15 I was a waiter at a drive in root beer stand for four years to help pay for college and I waited tables in a restaurant during college to help support my education. While my friends were partying down the Jersey shore in the summer and having fun, I served as a waiter 80 hours a week during summers and holidays. I know the meaning of hard work, integrity, and striving to do my best. I consider these to be the true heart of America: creating your own opportunity where it didn’t exist before.

I busted my ass in my corporate career too. I built departments and systems that either helped the company grow by billions of dollars or pay back investors billions of dollars. I also saw how a combination of big corporations focusing solely on cost cutting of salaries and pensions, layoffs of hundreds of thousands of people under the radar, and a narrative that you could replace a business person with a couple juniors or data scientists easily has caused millions of dollars of losses and bankruptcies for businesses including retailers. It also caused a generation of people to be unable to pay off credit card purchases, to need to sell their dream houses and flock toward the cities, and a 36% real unemployment rate.

I looked around this season during Christmas shopping and saw that every retailer has reward points, but not all have practical use value. Retailers have needed to offer hefty incentives to try to create loyalty because the spending money is no longer with the common Main Street person. But there are so many different programs it is nearly impossible for the average consumer to keep them straight. Retailers have tremendous unclaimed liabilities on their balance sheets. Cost of spending is higher. People buy less. And job opportunities have been eliminated. People need to eat and live for the long term.

I see Asset Token as a way to break this negative pattern of economic behavior. I see it as a way to have real money as rewards points. Real money with real value, not subject to inflation or layoffs or government spending that drives down economic growth. I see it as the needed spark.

People will receive real monetary value as reward points. They will no longer take years to pay off a credit card purchase. They can actually pay off much sooner and then spend more. As the value increases over time, spending will also increase. The US economy will grow. Jobs will be created. We’ll once again experience the Roaring 20s like we had in the 1920s.

As far as companies, including financial institutions, they’ll be able to remove the underfunded rewards points liabilities and other long term debt off their balance sheets, put their money back into their businesses, grow organically again, and innovate in such a way that people’s jobs are not replaced, rather enhanced and supported so you don’t have one employee doing the job of six people.

I’m in this business to support Main Street and the 36% of our population who is no longer counted. Every time I have a moment that I want to give up in the Blockchain industry from making a difference, I return to my purpose of being a stand for Main Street and the 36% and I’m able to find the strength and courage inside to move forward.

It’s a perfect match for what I do now because I was project manager on technology side for the CCAR financial Projections platform at AIG through multiple generations. So the technology to talk to banks and credit card companies was right up my alley. I got involved with this ICO because I saw it as a great opportunity to spark the US economy – we had 14 years of no organic growth and I felt this platform could spark consumer spending, companies lowering their liability burdens, and increased profits for retailers. Plus it was an opportunity to bring together all my skills and abilities to the table.

About Jamil Hasan

Jamil Hasan is Founder and President of Minerva Data Advisors, LLC, a service-based Data Advisory company focused on post token sale business sustainability. His strengths and focus are Data Analysis, Technology Innovation, and Operational Efficiency. Jamil is also a Blockchain Sustainability Ambassador for Asset Token ERC20. He is an international best selling author, business coach and speaker.

Jamil has over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles: Technology Management, Operations, Business Analysis, Financial Planning and Analysis, Data Analysis and Governance, and Business Strategy at Fortune 100 companies including 11 years at AIG. He has spent substantial time facilitating and developing business solutions as liaison between system engineers and front office and C-suite executives. Jamil holds a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Science in Finance from Drexel University. He holds a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Villanova University and is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor with the Alliance of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisors. Jamil is also Blockchain certified through B9 Academy.

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