Interview with Joey Jones, STO and compliance expert and CurveBlock evangelist.

What is your background briefly?

I have been an entrepreneur all of my adult life.  I started an investment firm as a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC and built it to 47 agents and $50+ million under management prior to a successful exit in 2008.  I then opened a Revenue Coaching practice which I still run working with all kinds of businesses to help improve revenue.  I grew up in a construction family and have several years as a General Contractor working in residential construction and commercial.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

My background fits perfectly in this role given my experience and knowledge in construction as well as my many years with the SEC/FINRA.  As a business owner and having run multiple startups, I am very good at operations as well as sales and marketing and fully understand the complexities of wearing many hats.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

My role at CurveBlock is in assisting with daily operations and decisions as well as interacting with potential investors and partners. I am a CurveBlock evangelist.

Why did you get involved with CurveBlock? 

This STO is creating a new asset class! To date, Real Estate Development has not been available to the average investor.  The current offer within real estate is mortgages, leases and rents but only those with a lot of money can participate in real estate development.  CurveBlock aims to change that model by adding a new opportunity for the masses with the asset class that has created more millionaires in history than any other asset class.

How can people find out more about 1. The STO 2. you & your work?

The STO can be researched at and I can be looked up on LinkedIn.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Why is CurveBlock doing an STO, are STO’s important and what is the future of the STO?

So, why then?

CurveBlock is doing an STO for a number of reasons, first and foremost is for investor piece of mind to know that we have followed the procedures to be recognized not just as a legitimate company but as a legitimate investment opportunity.  Beyond that, offer our token as a security helps with the distribution of revenue from the project by easily tracking who owns what and how much. With a full understanding of the current financial markets from many years of advising clients in those markets, it is my personal belief that all financial instruments will be tokenized in the next 5 – 10 years.  With that belief firmly in place, it is simply logical to be at the forefront of that tokenization with a legitimate security token offering now.

Historically, global financial regulators have followed the US SEC lead for financial rules and guidelines.  The US SEC has issued enough public opinion to be confident that all tokens will need to be securities while coins will not.  To offer a token at this point in time that is not a security will mean you will need to exclude the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, China and most likely all of the EU from your raise to avoid future sanctions by the financial authorities in all of those countries. The costs incurred today to be a legitimate security token offering is a small price to pay for the insurance against future sanctions and fines.

What other STOs (and or ICOs) have you worked on & what insights from those campaigns are you leveraging for your work with CurveBlock?

I worked on a blockchain company, Intiva Health which is focused on healthcare provider credentialing.  This is the project that introduced me to blockchain.  At the time, Intiva had no intentions of doing an ICO which they did do after I separated from them.  I also currently work on which is a decentralized heterogeneous cloud computing company doing an STO.  Unchainet had a bad partnership that led to 6 months of lost time which almost brought the project to a halt.  I learned to be far more discerning in who I align with and do even more due diligence and most of all, trust my gut, if something seems off it probably is so don’t move forward.

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