By @SimonCocking interview with Kian Schreiber Bitcoin and Blockchain entrepreneur, and advisor to Hickey ICO

Who are you? Tell us something about yourself and your experience in the industry?

My name is Kian and I’ve been actively involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since late 2014.

What started as a general interest in Bitcoin quickly developed when I heard about Ethereum and the projects that started to emerge. I have been involved in multiple projects in simple consulting capacities. Together with my partner Christian Gorgas we founded XTECH to create a cryptocurrency exchange out of Germany. With XTECH we have also used our exchange platform to create the first peer-to-peer energy trading platform together with innogy (Europe’s largest energy company) as well as (the creators of the DAO). We have also consulted and advised crypto companies before and during their ICOs.  

What is Hicky project? How does it work?

Hicky is a blockchain powered dating and social interactions platform that leverages blockchain technology in order to merge the best of both online and offline interactions. As relationships in the 21 century are not only maintained online but increasingly also initiated online, and as online interactions, especially trust in the available platforms is broken, we are setting out to build a solution with Hicky. With trust as the foundation of any relationship, this is where we begin. Both trust among the users as well as trust between the user and the platform. Furthermore, it is important that all users on the platform behave in an orderly manner. This is ensured by the blockchain technology in combination with the underlying token economy.

As an early cryptocurrency investor I will be advising Hicky in and around all topics pertaining to exchange listing, token distribution and white paper. Furthermore, I will be involved in the forming of strategic partnerships.

Could you please describe it for us? What is the idea behind Hicky?

Lets go back to trust. As a user I want to know that the person that I interact with is the person he claims to be  

This begins with the verification process where we are using a combination of face recognition software, selfies and passport pictures (optional, depending on the degree of verification the user is looking for) in order to construct a digital identity. We are also adding an extra layer with our voice verification to create a full and secured profile.

The private information is fully encrypted and stored in a decentralised database making it a lot less susceptible to attacks and hacks again increasing the trust in the system and making in vastly superior to legacy platforms currently available.

The underlying token economy fuels all interactions on the platform and function as an incentive mechanism to ensure good behaviour and general conduct on the platform.

Hicky leverages blockchain technology to merge the best of online and offline functionalities creating a platform offering the best of both worlds

Why did you choose Ethereum Technology?

Ethereum and its smart contract infrastructure is the ideal infrastructure to build a token powered decentralised platform. Furthermore, the community has the largest number of developers ensuring an ever expanding and developing ecosystem. With many projects developing, it offers the best most fruitful ecosystem to develop a platform such as the Hicky platform.

Lets talk about your ICO.When will the ICO begin, and how will it work?

Our ICO was kicked off on Valentine’s Day and will be running until the 16th of March.

The process is quite simple: users register on our website and contribute through the dedicated contribution area. Currently we are giving up to 10% bonus depending on the contribution amount.

Furthermore we have a referral and a bounty program.

With the referral program users will be compensated with Hicky tokens (HKY) in correspondence to the contribution amount that has been received through their referral link.

The bounty helps leverage the community in terms on community building, promotion and other things in compensating their effort with HKY tokens.

What’s your target? Tell our readers your future plans?

Our target raise is 5.000 to 6.000 ETH with a hard cap of 36.000 ETH. We will launch a first alpha version of the Hicky app in the iOS Store in the next couple of weeks and we are working hard with our partner Naga to make the Hicky Token widely usable and to ensure a frictionless usage, making Hicky one of the best and most easy to use blockchain based platforms for a broad audience.

Any message for your users and investors?

Hicky will change the way you think about online dating and social interactions in general. If you’re excited about the future and if you think that there is room for improvement in social networks, join or telegram, read our whitepaper or blogs and get on board to join the revolution :))

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