By @SimonCocking. Steven Flynn will be speaking at RTE’s MoJo on April 29/30th, you can still win free tickets for the event (worth €500) here in our Irish Tech News competition.

Brief background about you?

I come to MoJoCon with 30 years experience in the Television industry. In that time I have earned 9 Emmy’s for my work as Editor, Director Of Photography, and as a Producer/Director. I came to Ireland for the second time in 2012 when my family moved back from the state of Minnesota in the USA. In the fall of 2012, I began purchasing my first drone equipment that led me eventually to Skytango.

What inspired you to speak at this event?

As a licensed drone operator here in Ireland, I’ve spent the last three years working to make a living and navigate an industry that is in flux. When we first started working in the field with the drone, we used to get a tremendous positive response from the public and passersby as they looked at our equipment. In 3 years this has completely changed to the point of sometimes hostility, sometime oblivious and sometimes aggressive engagement from landowners and the public. In addition, I’ve seen normally sane clients completely disregard the law in the quest for getting the perfect shot. I’ve personally been escorted onto land that producers had no permission to be on. And I know this cannot continue.

If all the parties involved, the drone operators, content buyers and landowners don’t starting working together the industry will stall and things will go underground. As someone with years of experience in film and television, I know how much work goes into acquiring location releases, and talent releases and it’s only a matter of time before aerial releases and more tracking of the industry will be required of not only drone operators, but also their clients. MoJoCon is a perfect place to have these discussions because the focus is not just on drones but on how we might engage content buyers and landowners in this new industry. We are all in this dance together.

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of it?

My particular focus at MoJoCon will be to provide some real world experience from the perspective of a drone operator who also happens to have a deep background in media production. I think anyone who is interested in using drones for their content will get some great insights from our panel, and my presentation.

Who has inspired you?

I’m a true believer that given the opportunity, people will do the right thing. It’s the perspective I bring to the drone industry. Skytango is designed to promote engagement from everyone that is involved in aerial operations. I believe that creating positive incentives for good behavior is a stronger proposition then just saying “NO YOU CAN’T”. I think this is especially true when you look at the law of supply and demand. If people want an aerial, their gonna find a way to do it. So why not make the legal route as easy as possible, and in fact make it rewarding with profit incentives. I guess the idea of who inspires me goes back to a few places. My wife and CoFounder Susan Talbot, David Wilcox (American Musician), Scott Kelly (American Astronaut), and my kids Madeline and Aidan. These are people and artists who lead with their heart and see the best in the future. It helps me keep focused.

Where can people see / listen / read more about you?

Have you seen my movie? Seriously. I made one. You can buy it on my website It’s called “Eye Of The Hurricane”. It’s a film about finding a life that sustains you, and the amazing power of music. I don’t mention it much, but since you asked… it’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know! If you don’t wanna get the movie, has some links to articles and the progress we are making.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

I named our two drones. I figure like any good ship they needed to be named. Our big heavy lift rig is the Maddie May. And our Inspire 1 is called the Aidanator. (After my son who loves robots and weapons).

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