Guest post by Daniel Abela, CoFounder, ClearPoll, this article first appeared here.

ClearPoll set to introduce millions of mainstream users to blockchain

ClearPoll, the blockchain powered public opinion poll network, launches on August 31st.

Our team has extensive experience developing and launching apps, with a total user base across previous releases of almost 15,000,000 users.

Big deal. Apps get a lot of users all the time. Right? Well, blockchain apps don’t. Usually due to the requirement of some amount of technical knowledge or general interest in blockchain technology. Specifically, non crypto related blockchain applications have struggled to gain users.

ClearPoll’s blockchain magic happens in the background. Most users will never even know it exists, and most won’t care. To them, it’s a cool voting platform. The full benefit of blockchain technology is still there, securing every single vote on every poll, and ensuring results cannot be manipulated.

It’s so simple for anyone to get started voted on ClearPoll, and this is fully intentional as we’re striving to achieve the widest possible audience and do not want our users limited to those with technical knowledge. To get started, a user only needs to do a few basic things:
1) Install the app. Easy.
2) Enter their mobile number and receive an sms code. Enter the code. Easy.
3) Choose a username. Easy.
4) Browse or search for a poll to vote on. Easy.
5) Vote by pressing a button. Couldn’t be easier.

Within 6 months we expect to have at least 1 million people regularly using our blockchain.

By choice. Repeated use. That’s a big deal for mainstream blockchain adoption.

If you care about blockchain adoption, introduce people to ClearPoll.

Just in case you were wondering, no, we are not using the Ethereum blockchain. Our custom built chain can handle thousands of votes every second with ease, and at very low cost. It is purpose built for large scale voting and we are not at the mercy of any other blockchain’s future ability to scale or improve(or not).

What about crypto though?

Well, every user also has access to our User Rewards. POLL tokens are on offer to every single user. We’ve created a simple guide to creating a wallet to claim rewards. We’re confident the vast majority of users will be capable of doing so. That means potentially millions more people being introduced to cryptocurrency, via ClearPoll User Rewards. How many users are going to turn down free crypto? They’ve probably heard of Bitcoin. They only need to be told they can trade POLL tokens for Bitcoin, and they’ll spend the 2 minutes required to create a wallet. Who turns down free crypto?

Due to this mass exposure to cryptocurrency, we are confident POLL tokens will be listed on major exchanges in future. Every ClearPoll user is a potential new member of the exchange, and we will always direct our users to the biggest and best exchange we’re listed on. Every cent that ClearPoll earns as revenue is used to buy POLL from the exchange at market price. Volume is imminent.

Everything is stacked in our favour right now and it all begins in just 5 days time.

POLL tokens are available right now on Kucoin or Cryptopia. Don’t forget, your user reward points are multiplied if you hold certain amounts of POLL in your personal wallets.

Big things ahead!

– ClearPoll Team

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