The TOKPIE development team made some improvements to Alpha 1.0 version of MVP with added functionality that they’ll use in their first working beta version of the platform to be released in August. These improvements include:

1. The ability to deposit/withdraw base and quote crypto assets, which can be (some) coins, tokens, and bounty stakes of listed start-ups (ICOs) to users’ balances.

2. The ability to see the history of all transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, trades.

3. The ability to see current balances of crypto assets available for trading.

4. The internal function of control for sufficient balance of crypto assets on a user’s account during submission of trade orders.

5.. The ability to view crypto assets amounts on a user’s account through “Balance details” page.

6. The ability to reflect all movements of assets such as depositing, trade orders placing, execution of transactions and withdrawals in the balance details page.

7. Order submission gear is now checking a user’s balance details before allowing to place trade orders.

8. Support functionality was fixed.

The following updates are planned to be done during next weeks:
– Deposit and Withdrawal functionalities will be implemented.
– Website Version 2.0 will be released

Vasilii Silin CEO says: “The TOKPIE team wants to thank everyone who participates in our Telegram and provides us with invaluable feedback around the clock. We’re building TOKPIE exchange for our community, and you’re an integral part of that, so please continue to provide us with your input whenever you can and we’ll do our best to be as active and responsive as we can in the Telegram channel


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