UPC is trialling a new Wi-Fi service with 10,000 of its broadband customers in Limerick. The new Horizon Wi-Free service is free to UPC broadband customers. It allows them to connect their mobile devices to a separate UPC Wi-Fi service when visiting any other participating UPC broadband home.

Ronan McEvoy, Head of Consumer Products, UPC Ireland said, “The internet is all about sharing, so we thought ‘why not share the internet itself’? UPC’s Horizon Wi-Free service means you can still enjoy the benefits of our Fibre Powered Broadband when you’re visiting friends. With reliable, fast and secure Wi-Free broadband, you can keep up to date with news, live match scores and any other content you really want to see.”

Using UPC’s current Fibre Power network, Horizon Wi-Free creates a new dedicated Wi-Fi network in UPC broadband homes which is independent of the existing Wi-Fi network. Existing customers will continue to use their Wi-Fi network without any impact, while a new, second Wi-Fi network will enable the visitor to connect to that. When customers set their device to connect once, it will automatically connect every time after that.

With Horizon Wi-Free, there’s no need to share the specific household Wi-Fi password with visitors meaning the private home network and Wi-Fi password remain fully secure. Up to five people can connect to each Horizon Wi-Free hot spot at a

Horizon Wi-Free will first be available in Limerick and rolled out nationwide to over 150,000 customers thereafter.



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