UPC sent out a tweet today looking for people to sign up to test their new Horizon TV Service. We heard last year that UPC would be bringing this service to Ireland and it seems they are getting ready to start rolling it out now (if you do a search for it on UPC’s site you can see all the help articles in the search results but they are protected if you try and open them)


Horizon has already been launched by UPC in the Netherlands so we know some details about it. It is basically a service that will allow you to sync content from your set top box across different devices. It is not a new idea but it is certainly something that will be welcomed by many. Being able to continue watching your recordings on a mobile device is a pretty handy feature indeed.

As details of the Irish service are still light, I’ve added a video from UPC’s Dutch YouTube account below. It’s obviously in Dutch but you can get the idea of what the service is about.


If you are interested in trying it out you need to be a current UPC TV and Broadband customer.


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