UniTaxi, the association that brings together more than 800 taxis in the Costa del Sol, have reached an agreement with SID, to offer free Internet to their customers through the patented SID technology (US patent 10.225.709 with next issue date on 3 May 2019).

As a result of this agreement, UniTaxi customers with an Android phone or tablet will enjoy free Internet automatically, without having to ask for the password or modify their device settings. iPhone users will get free internet with a one click in the App. The only requirement will be to have the SID App, or in near future the UniTaxi APP with SID inside, downloaded in their smartphone.

The Costa del Sol main Airport, contributed to the majority of the 12.4 million tourists in 2017 according to Tourism Costa del Sol, with an impact of EUR 13.8 Billion in the local economy that same year. See below source (a). The Costa del Sol capital has more than 1,400 taxis, so this agreement will cover more than 60% of the available taxis in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

The agreement coincides with the launch of the new UniTaxi app, with the same name, in a clear bid to modernize the taxi sector. This pilot deployment, which will begin in the coming weeks, will last at least 3 months in which UniTaxi customers will be offered free Internet in an automatic manner as they step in and for the whole duration of each ride.

Mr. Juan González, Vice President of “Aumat” taxi association states, “UniTaxi is interested in offering its customers the possibility of payments with cryptocurrencies, and the technology of SID seems to be ideal to improve their customers experience, not just to provide its customers with the necessary internet connection, but also to provide a potential follow-on pilot payment solution with tokens, in which SID already has experience and technology.”

It is therefore a new sector in which SID offers a competitive advantage to its customers through its patented Internet sharing technology powered by the Stellar Blockchain technology. This follows a prior agreement and SID technology integration with Dunkin Coffee, the Dunkin ‘Donuts franchise for Spain, whose application offers free Internet access to Dunkin´ Coffee more than 91,000 monthly users. Other past deals by SID include with the West Africa banking product company www.MyDopeCard.com helping the unbanked students currently in Ghana soon also with SID inside and the crypto education company www.URAllowance.com

Jose Merino, Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited states, we are pleased to see more use-cases coming our way for our SID technology. Actually, we are currently looking to expand the internet sharing uses case for larger Taxi fleets into the North of Europe and in Africa to show case the potential of the SID technology use case in different continents.

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