Assessments carried out by The United Nations conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)  have helped three countries to advance their e-commerce skills, according to reports released today.

The Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic, Myanmar and Liberia are among the world’s least developed countries and are asked the UNCTAD to help boost trade and create jobs.

The UNCTAD composed an individual ‘Rapid e-Trade Readiness Assessment’ for each country to guide them in building the right “e-commerce ecosystems” and provide their policymakers with a blueprint for harnessing the economic and developmental potential offered by online trade.

“Each assessment, and this is the beauty of the exercise, includes a list of concrete recommendations for governments,” said Isabelle Durant, UNCTAD Deputy Secretary General.

“We know that digitalisation offers great opportunities for development. It’s true, but if we refuse to see it, we will not benefit.”

The UNCTAD assessments for each country analysed:

  • E-commerce assessments and strategy formulation
  • Information and communications technology infrastructure and services
  • Trade logistics and facilitation
  • Access to financing
  • Payment solutions
  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Skills for e-commerce

The reports were showcased yesterday, 16 April, the first day of e-Commerce Week.

To access the reports visit:

  1. Lao People’s Democratic republic:
  2. Liberia:
  3. Myanmar:

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