The UK mobile networks got themselves all in a huff following “everything everywhere” (formed from merger of T-Mobile and Orange) stating they’ll launch 4G services in the UK this year (some time ahead of the rest of the networks who wont even be able to bid for the 4G spectrum until early 2013). This was because EE had spare spectrum space following the merger of T-Mobile and Orange. The networks met yesterday to discuss the situation and following agreement between them and ofcom peace reigns once more. Once the 4G LTE auction is complete, ofcom have agreed to activate the new spectrum for use in mid 2013. So with the UK getting 4G LTE services between now and mid 2013 when can Ireland expect the same benefits? It seems that with some will we may get 4G services by the end of 2013 (but I suspect early 2014). Comreg the Irish telecommunications regulator is currently running the 4G auction for the Irish spectrum and with analogue TV being switched off at the end of this month in Ireland we can only hope for a smooth and swift transition to 4G services….HA!


(Image courtesy of Verizon)

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