UHIVE, the recently launched innovative and cutting edge social media network, has just marked its first milestone with the launch of its Pre-ICO and Crowd Sale ICO for its exclusive, UHIVE Tokens.

UHIVE Was Built On Years of Experience

The UHIVE project was incubated for four years in the Research and Development team at Genie9- Zoolz Intelligent offices, before becoming independently and officially registered in February of this year. Built on the basis of experience and knowledge, the team behind UHIVE possesses a rich background and proficiency in a number of different industries, which range from extensive experience in Big Data, traditional and cloud backup solutions and detailed research and experience in user behavior.

Being an Advanced AWS Partner, and in addition to our experience in big data structuring capabilities, artificial intelligence and machine learning,  allows UHIVE to offers a diverse and advanced team of developers, with team members also possessing Blockchain experience.

With a user base of +10 million for its current operational solutions, UHIVE have been able to, through the study and analysis of user behavior, create an entire virtual world, using blockchain specialists, artificial intelligence, the structuring of big data and AWS services. Solidifying its stature as a leader in Cloud Backup, Genie9 the incubator of UHIVE, have also successfully partnered with AOS Japan, one of the most reputable tech companies in East Asia. These factors have played a major role in facilitating our introduction to the social networking world.

The Strengths of The UHIVE Social Experience and What Sets It Apart

UHIVE, the cutting-edge blockchain-based social networking platform, is the first of its kind that combines Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, along with a human touch, resulting in a unique online experience for users, under a secure umbrella. In addition, UHIVE is also the first to apply physical dimensions in a social platform, creating a number of industry firsts when it comes to the online social experience.

The platform offers two worlds?—?The Civilized World and The Grey World. The Civilized World is our Earth, and is a cultivated network, governed by rules and regulations. Here, identities are real, and allow users to connect with family and friends, and meet new people. In the Civilized World, the network is exposed to and influenced by external factors such as politics, social norms and global regulations. The Grey World, on the other hand, is abstruse. UHIVE has successfully revived anonymity for users, and through a decentralized structure based on hybrid blockchain technology, users can be completely anonymous be it by identity or location. Here, there are no social norms, and users are liberated from external factors, which are completely isolated from their identity.

The Grey World is an exciting universe, which offers users the opportunity to be whoever they would like to be. Here, users are free to try new things and be completely uninhibited by this untraceable space. When it comes to user-security and safety, our team at UHIVE have gone to great lengths to ensure complete user privacy and security, using blockchain technologies on the platform, especially in the Grey World, keeping users completely anonymous. Not only will this keep users safe from online threats, but it will also provide them with a platform that allows them to be themselves at all times, liberating them from any current user restrictions and as well, put an end to any users worries like stereotyping or prejudice when it comes to expressing one’s opinion. The anonymity of the Grey World allows users to completely transform their online experience, exactly the way that they want to. Unlike the Civil World, as it not governed by rules or regulations, the non-regulated world will allow users to be who they want to be and uncover and discover areas that interest them and socialize with other users in the Grey World.

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