Alan Daly and Wayne Solan were pals in school in Dublin and never thought they would end up starting a business together in America! With opposite personalities, Wayne was the creative talkative one and Alan was the quiet artsy­one!

So fast forward about 15 years; how did Wayne invent Poppits?

“Easy! Remember in Back to The Future, how Doc Brown invented time travel in his bathroom? Same thing with Wayne! He invented it in his bathroom!” said Alan.

Wayne had guests visit him at his house in Florida. When cleaning the guest bathroom, he was wondering why there was so much toothpaste on the sink! He realised that kids often struggle to put the right amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush so he thought there must be a better way. Also Alan knows with two little girls how difficult it is to get kids to brush their teeth regularly.

Poppits Toothpaste Pods contain the right amount of toothpaste as recommended by dentists, to ensure that adults and kids aren’t using too little or too much. To use Poppits, simply take a Pod, pop it in your mouth and brush teeth normally. The softgel pod melts in your mouth releasing a fresh burst of toothpaste.

“Traditional toothpaste tubes have been around for over 100 years. Our softgel pods are a revolutionary way to use toothpaste. It’s more hygienic, dentists love it, kids love it, less waste, reduces plastic pollution and is better for the planet. Not to mention there’s no more of that gunky residue that builds up on the nozzle of squeezed up tubes!” said Poppits CEO Wayne Solan.

“We are currently awaiting approval to have Poppits used in space aboard the International Space Station! We’re very excited about that.” said Wayne.

“My kids absolutely love these things! We’ve had great feedback from families all across America”, said Alan.

Both Alan and Wayne live in the USA now and have a kickstarter campaign running to help fund their project. They can’t do this without you, so pledge to be one of the first to try Poppits toothpaste pods! You can pledge here.

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