If you’re running a high growth start up, here is a chance to spend time with some of the smartest people in the world of software. Business of Software is the conference Intercom’s Des Traynor attended religiously when he was getting the company off the ground, and it is in Ireland next month (16-17 May).

Learn the things you need to know about growing software companies, meet the people who can change how you approach life and business.

The event is unsponsored to maintain quality and value. This means the price of admission can prevent some startups who would benefit from attending BoS from attending. Business of Software don’t want people to miss out so they are offering five sets of 2 for 1 tickets to Irish Companies two years old or less, who haven’t received funding.

Tickets are limited so you need to book now. Register here: http://bit.ly/241bos

About Business of Software Conference :

The organisers have run Business of Software USA for ten years and launched Business of Software Europe 2 years ago in Cambridge, England. This year, they are bringing BoS to the Powerscourt Hotel outside Dublin, Ireland as the home of the event.

Mark Littlewood, CEO of BoS Conference commented, “Dublin is a fantastic city. It has a vibrant tech scene – both large companies and startups are well represented – and Dublin Airport is so easy to reach from the US and Europe. We chose the Powerscourt as the venue as it fits with the values of the event – namely it’s dedication to providing a high quality experience out of the fast paced city. We want to offer people some time away from their day-to-day business, to treat them well, in a great location, with plenty of space to think.

“We know many people don’t like going to events as they end up being pitched to in a crowded room. We try to run an event that puts our guests first and that we would be happy to pay to attend. We are looking forward to this year’s Business of Software Conference Europe, May 16-17th, we have an amazing group of people coming from around the world and hope that we will meet plenty more people in the Irish tech community.”

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